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As a third-generation, family-owned business, our heritage and commitment to customers is based on the wisdom gained from our grandfather. While it may sound quaint today, he always said do things right. For us, doing things right means gaining key certifications and participating in ongoing training so our employees are always up to date on meeting codes and regulations, giving you peace of mind. We also provide our “red carpet” treatment—an extra step that involves using an adhesive covering to protect your carpets and rugs from damage and dirt while we work in your home.

Grandfather also said, if you’re not honest, you’re not much. We have worked that spirit of integrity into our company motto, “There’s Comfort in Honesty.” This means we will tell you the truth about your heating and cooling equipment, whether it’s better to repair it or whether it’s time to buy new. We also explain our proposals in detail, so you understand what you are paying for. And when we give you an estimate for service or installation, that’s the price you pay. No surprises, no added fees. Our customers are often amazed that the final bill actually matches the estimate.

When you work with Merrill Sheet Metal Works you know every phone call, every service, every repair, every installation has our family’s reputation on the line—so it matters to us. In fact, customers from Merrill, Wausau, and North Central Wisconsin rely on Merrill Sheet Metal because they know and trust us.

Professional Heating and Cooling Service You Can Count On

Our HVAC services have come a long way. In addition to installing, maintaining, and repairing furnaces and air conditioners, we also provide that same range of services for boilers with radiant floor heating, and ductless split systems. In addition, select staff members are Bryant Indoor Air Quality Specialists, meaning we can test your home for potential contaminants, and then recommend and install a variety of treatment options. Our goals are to keep your family safe and comfortable—no matter what the season.

Cozy Up Next to a Beautiful New Fireplace

Whether you want a good old-fashioned masonry fireplace with a mantel and beautiful surround area or a more contemporary standing fireplace or insert, we have it all and all in one place. Our amazing Firefly Lodge Showroom highlights the variety of products we offer, so you can select a unit that matches your décor, taste, and budget. Our technicians can perform the proper installation, meeting all codes and requirements, and even follow up with chimney sweeps as needed.

Step Up Your Backyard Game with a Charcoal Grill

Most home chefs want way more than a grill. They want units that can also smoke, roast, and bake—transforming your deck or patio into an outdoor cooking and entertaining oasis. We encourage you to stop by or schedule an appointment at our Firefly Lodge Showroom where you can see the best grills available—and don’t forget about the accessories. We have everything you need, right down to the charcoal.

Be comfortable with your choice of heating and cooling, fireplace, and charcoal grill experts. Call Merrill Sheet Metal today at (715) 536-2262!

If you think our company sounds great, it is! And we are always looking for great employees. At Merrill Sheet Metal Works, we treat you like a member of our family. Click here to view our current employment opportunities.



Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer

We’ve achieved the sought-after national endorsement of Bryant. That means we can offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our customers.

A Century Strong

We’ve been fine-tuning our exceptional home comfort services for over 100 years!

Family Owned and Operated

Backed by more than a century of serving Merrill and its surrounding areas, we are still a family owned and operated business!