Control Your Comfort With Programmable Thermostats


While temperature and humidity may not be considered classic air quality issues, today’s new thermostats can provide families with a new level of comfort. In many households, each member prefers a slightly different temperature. Newer thermostats can change your entire experience.

homeowners introduced to new thermostat from knowledgable technician

  • The Evolution® Connex Control provides complete control of your home comfort. Each individual can set the temperature in his/her room so no one is ever “too hot” or “too cold.” No more “Goldilocks” syndrome for your family, as the temperature will always be “just right.”
  • With Bryant® Wi-Fi® Thermostats, you can take your home heating and cooling controls almost anywhere you go. Forgot to adjust the temperature before you left? Going to be away longer than you thought? No problem. With Wi-Fi thermostats you can manage your home’s comfort while on the go, efficiently and easily.