Furnace Cleaning And Maintenance

Just Like You & Your Car, Your Furnace Needs Regular Checkups Too

Annual furnace maintenance check from Merrill technician with homeownerWhen living in Wausau, Tomahawk, and North Central Wisconsin, it seems like winter starts earlier and lasts longer each year, so your furnace may see use for seven or eight months. A little “TLC” in the form of a furnace cleaning from Merrill Sheet Metal Works will go a long way into ensuring that workhorse operates at peak efficiency.

Dust and grime can build up in fans, blowers, and filters, so a thorough cleaning—ideally in the spring or summer—is advised. During the cleaning call, we will also perform an inspection to alert you of any potential maintenance needs. Fixing small problems now prevents larger problems in the future.

While we are on-site, our NATE-certified technicians can also perform tests for indoor air quality issues like carbon monoxide—a colorless, odorless gas which can lead to illness, and even death, if it goes undetected.

Customers Rave About Merrill Sheet Metal’s “Red Carpet” Service

When our technicians come to your home, you’ll experience our “red carpet” procedure. This means we lay a protective plastic coating on your flooring to prevent dirt buildup or damage. Our team also always wears booties to double up on protecting your home.

Our service staff is well-mannered, neat, and friendly, as you can tell by our many testimonials.

For Family Members with Sensitivities, Frequent Furnace Filter Changes Improve Air Quality

While many furnace manufacturers recommend filters be changed every three months, if you have pets, an allergy-prone family member, or if someone in your home smokes, you should check your filter once per month to be sure there is not an excessive buildup of dirt or dust.

In addition, there are newer types of filters that can help reduce the number of allergens in the air. Not only are they more efficient, but they don’t have to be changed as often—some higher quality filters can last you an entire year! Upgrading your filter can improve your family’s overall air quality and even their health. Ask a Merrill Sheet Metal technician for help in finding the right air filter for your family’s needs.

Add Furnace Cleaning to Your Calendar

Many customers have Merrill Sheet Metal technicians service their equipment annually with routine maintenance to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and add years to the life of the products. We offer customers our “Peak Performance Maintenance Program” which can reduce or eliminate an unexpected repair bill. If repairs are necessary, you’ll receive a discounted rate on parts and labor. Call us for details!

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