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Use This Fall Furnace Checklist to Get Your Heating System Through Another Season

With fall upon us and winter waiting around the corner, your furnace will soon be running almost nonstop to keep your family warm. To make sure your heating system can handle the workload, the experts at Merrill Sheet Metal Works put together this handy fall furnace checklist. These easy tips will make sure your unit runs as smoothly and long as possible.

1. Replace Your Air Filter

This tip is as easy as it is short. As your furnace circulates warm air, it collects dust, dander, and other airborne contaminants. Your home air filter catches these pollutants, which, over time, can build up and block airflow. This puts a lot of unnecessary stress on your system and can cause it to break down. By simply replacing your filter—once every one to three months for standard one-inch filters, or once every six to 12 months for high-efficiency ones—you can ensure your furnaces runs more efficiently.

2. Keep Air Vents Open and Unobstructed

It’s a common myth that closing air vents in rooms you don’t use helps air circulate better through your home. In fact, it does the opposite—your furnace is designed to heat your entire house, so when you close or block off a vent, it makes your system work that much harder to heat the closed-off area. Keeping registers open and unblocked means your furnace works much more easily and efficiently.

3. Adjust the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans

Your fan can go a long way in maintaining home comfort. Make sure to switch it to rotate clockwise in the cooler months—this helps push warm air downward and circulate it better, putting less stress on your heating system.

4. Schedule Routine Furnace Maintenance

What fall furnace checklist would be complete without a good furnace tuneup? Because your system works so much, it’s common for dust and grime to build up in fans, blowers, and filters. During routine maintenance, expert techs clean and tune all those parts, helping your system run as efficiently and long as possible. It also helps keep your energy bills low and prevent future breakdowns. It’s a win-win.

Need Help Getting Your Furnace Ready for Winter? Give Us a Call

At Merrill Sheet Metal, we help every customer complete their fall furnace checklist. So if you need heating help—or if you have questions—we’re here to help with honest, helpful answers. Give us a call today at 715-536-2262 or contact us online.

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