Air Quality Services

While most customers don’t call us to talk about their indoor air quality, they are often experiencing issues related to it. It could be dampness or an odd smell. Or maybe it’s extremely dry conditions that are causing shocks and wood or furniture damage. A family member may have allergies or other health issues and have difficulty breathing. Perhaps the temperature/humidity levels in your home are never “just right.” You may be surprised to learn that the EPA has identified indoor air pollution as one of the top five urgent environmental risks to public health as indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

If you think something is “not quite right,” you are usually correct. Our AirAdvice® analysis is an ideal starting point. We can investigate and test the indoor air quality in your Wausau or North Central Wisconsin home. We can then pinpoint the issues and correct any problems.


Bryant® Indoor Air Specialists are trained directly by Bryant. Highly trained dealerships like Merrill Sheet Metal know that heating and cooling aren’t the only factors in your home comfort. We know your indoor air quality needs—energy savings, controlling your home’s thermostat remotely, or setting different temperatures in different rooms, called zoning—are just as important. Put the Bryant Edge to work for you and your family.


Our Bryant® Indoor Air Specialists are specifically trained to evaluate all kinds of indoor air quality issues and pollutants, including:
diagram of home for improved indoor air quality

  • VOCs—chemicals found in home furnishings, carpets, building materials, paints, cleaning supplies, air fresheners, and more. They can irritate the eyes, nose and throat, and cause headaches, nausea, and worsening of asthma or breathing symptoms.
  • Particulate materials—particulates can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation; as well as trigger asthma and respiratory infections.
  • Temperature and Humidity—It’s about balance. Too much humidity can allow mold, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and dust mites to flourish. Too little humidity can lead to static electricity, difficulty breathing, nosebleeds, and dry and itchy skin.
  • Carbon dioxide—a colorless, odorless, faintly acidic-tasting, non-flammable gas that is the fourth most abundant gas in the earth’s atmosphere. Elevated levels of CO2 inside a home can lead to symptoms of fatigue, headache, breathing difficulties, strained eyes and itchy skin, or what the EPA terms, “sick building syndrome.”
  • Carbon monoxide—a byproduct from combustion sources like furnaces, fireplaces, or stoves. While cases of carbon monoxide poisoning are not as common as they were, they still occur. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, or even death if the issue is not found on time. It’s vital to have this testing performed to ensure your family’s safety.

Due to the concerns about carbon monoxide, Wisconsin now requires homes to have both smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Don’t delay, call our experts today at (715) 536-2262 to have your air quality checked.


Home comfort systems can be tricky, but our air quality team members will make it easy for you. Let us worry about proper sizing, design, and technology, and how it all works together to keep you comfortable. We’ll also consider your health needs, home design, lifestyle, and budget when we make our recommendations.

Merrill Sheet Metal can enhance your indoor air quality with a full complement of Bryant products like air handlers/ventilators which condition and circulate air through your HVAC system. With indoor air quality products like Bryant’s ultra-reliable Perfect Air Purifier, the air inside your home is purified, not just filtered. The Bryant Preferred Fan Humidifier directs moisture into furnace ducts for whole-home comfort and reduced static electricity. Follow up with Bryant UV lights to kill potential contaminants before they reach circulating air. If you use all these products together, they can eliminate nearly 99 percent of the pollutants threatening your indoor air.

What’s more, when you receive an estimate from Merrill Sheet Metal—that’s the bottom line—it’s what you pay. We have been in business since 1913 and know our stuff. We offer a 100 PERCENT SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on our price, products, and services.


If your goal is to lower your home energy expenses, Merrill Sheet Metal can help you select the right equipment. The solution may be as simple as upgrading a thermostat with programmable capabilities. Be sure to ask about special rebates and financing during certain times of the year. And our “Peak Performance Maintenance Program” can ensure that your equipment runs efficiently, saving you money on energy costs as well as parts and labor if repairs are necessary.

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